A Brief History

fiddlers1980The Old Time Fiddlers were founded in the fall of 1978 by the late Fred Williams of Torrey, and John Beers of Bethany, both natives of Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Together Fred and John assembled a group of individuals who shared their love and enthusiasm for traditional music. This unlikely group practiced together and learned each other’s tunes. In the spring of 1979, The Old Time Fiddlers performed for the first time at the Beach Lake Community Hall. Since that time the group has performed at grange halls, schools, churches, fire halls and benefits throughout Wayne and neighboring counties.

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Unlike a traditional family whose ties are based on bloodlines, this family shares an unwavering love and commitment to traditional music and dance. The members’ diverse musical tastes and tune choices make for enjoyable and interesting shows. Attending a show is like stepping back to a simpler time in life. The tunes are played on acoustic instruments such as guitar, mandolin, banjo, piano, bass, accordion and, of course, the fiddle. The various fiddle styles performed include Irish, Scottish, Canadian, bluegrass, Texas swing, and old-time.

Our Mission

The mission statement of The Old Time Fiddlers, a non-profit organization, is to promote and preserve traditional music through performance and education.

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Dale Teeple, Steve Jacobi, Cliff Jones, John Wargo, Bob Richards, Carl Kubie, Bucky Bourke, Judy Trudgen, Jeanie Wasman, Margaret McCormick, Lourdes Brown, Orianna Richards, Barb Richter, Donna Gregor, Jay Brooks, Laura Kortright, Amelia Brooks, Allison Wilmarth, Craig Gehrig, Marilou Kosydar, David Alunni, Anna Howell, Ron Huber, Tish Huber, Curtis Brooks, and Edward Howell
Gone, but not forgotten: Ernie Kosydar, John Beers, Fred Williams, Frank Tyler, Danny Brundage, Bob Seland and Albert Lind